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Testimonials from our Patients
I wish Dr. Gilmore knew what a difference he made..
Dr. Gilmore,

Many days as I am driving to work, I think to myself, "I wish Dr. Gilmore knew what a difference he made in my self image at age 53!" I can now stand and present workshops and trainings for teachers each week and am free of the horrible complex that used to keep me from teaching positions such as the ones I now have. I work for the Region VII Education Service Center as well as UT Houston Health Science Department. And I am totally just fine being in front of all those educators.

Thank you, Dr. Gilmore for changing my personal level of confidence. You are truly a master at your profession, and I will be thankful to you every day.

Congratulations on your new position at UT Southwestern Medical Center! I am proud to know you and grateful to call you my surgeon.

Jimmye Patterson

...them complimenting me on how young I look.

February 21, 2006

It has been a year since I have had my surgery, and I never see old friends without them complimenting me on how young I look. (I'm passing this along to you because you are the one who deserves the compliment. Thank you for everything.)

Name Withheld By Request

Thank you so much for the outstanding surgical job...

August 5, 2005

Dr. Gilmore:

Your kind, sweet notes have been so appreciated, and I wanted to write this note to let you know how much they have meant to me; and to thank you so much for the outstanding surgical job I believe you did for me.

Even though I am still in the healing phase of my surgery, I feel so good about everything you did. You truly listened to my concerns and desires concerning what I wanted achieved if it were possible, and I believe you have come as close as anyone could to making that a reality. I know that you took special effort and time to do your job well and to add some extra touches that were not necessarily laid out in the plans, but proved to be of such a benefit to achieve the overall purpose and outcome of the surgery itself. One so rarely sees this kind of dedication in today's professional world whether it's due to time constraints or just lack of pride in our work, but I want to say again, how beautifully you upheld this principle in your work. Thank you. J.

I am extremely pleased......

I am extremely pleased with my recent plastic surgery experience at Dr. Gilmores. Dr. Gilmore, his nurses, and staff provided exceptional support and competence before, during, and after my surgery. I asked Dr. Gilmore what he thought I should have done and I went along with his recommendations. The results are incredible. I had a number of surgical procedures including midface implants, internal face lift, brow lift, eyelid lift, and chin reconstruction. I told Dr. Gilmore that I wanted to look more youthful and refreshed but didnt want to look like some of the stretched skin-on-bone appearances I had seen on some people. He reassured me that his procedures would give me the natural look I wanted and he was right. A number of people I told about the surgery have commented that I look 10 to 15 years younger than before the surgery. People I didnt want to know I had the surgery cant quite figure out why I look so good now. They really dont think its because of plastic surgery since they cant imagine that I would ever have it done.

-- 61-Year-Old Doctor (Name withheld on request) --

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I am so happy with the work...

Dear Dr. Gilmore,

I am so happy with the work you did for me..as I told you, I was not trying to look younger, just much better for my age! Mission accomplished...

I am so thrilled not to have that stretched, mask-like look that so many face lifts produce... you are truly an artist... and I love that you are a perfectionist.

Anne Sadovsky

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To thank Dr. Gilmore and his wonderful staff...

I would just like to write a few words to thank Dr. Gilmore and his wonderful staff for taking such good care of me before, during, and after my recent rhinoplasty.

My nose has always bothered me since I was about 14 years old. The hump, the length, and the way it looked from the side when I smiled. Of course, family members always said I looked fine and that I didn't need plastic surgery. So, basically I was on my own when I made the decision to do it. Dr. Gilmore said that he would take good care of me - and he did!

I always thought I could look better if I had my nose corrected. Now I know it's true! When I smile now I don't have to turn to keep people from looking at my profile. I am so glad I had the surgery and the results are tremendous! Thank you so much Dr. Gilmore, because now I feel so much better about myself. Keep up the good work!

Thanks again and God Bless.


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I have had several cosmetic procedures with Dr. Gilmore...

I have had several cosmetic surgical procedures with Dr. Gilmore and was pleasantly surprised by the total absence of pain with any of them. The end results were definitely worth the twenty-four hours of minimal discomfort. Dr. Gilmore's staff is extremely knowledgeable and caring. The best testimonial anyone can receive is a repeat customer and I am definitely coming back. Dr. Gilmore is a master of cosmetic surgery.


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Finding something good in...

Finding something good in every situation of life has always been a personal goal. But finding something good about my profile for 52 years was impossible! Concern over this problem caused me to make adjustments over the years: looking the "other way" when having to be right beside anyone (either in a vehicle or just walking in a mall), trying to always face people I was talking with, rather than letting them see me from the side. It, long ago, became second-nature to keep other people from looking at me from the side, anyway I possible could. Most of the time, this meant simply turning my head away from people. It was a never-ending chore.

I met Dr. Gilmore six weeks ago. He listened patiently as I told him what I didn't like about my appearance, and he explained that what I was after was "balance" of all my features. His kind manner and sincere attention put me at ease from the first visit. Together, we decided what surgery would be needed to achieve the desired results, and later that month, I went to his office for the day surgery that has given me confidence in my appearance and freedom from feeling inferior. Dr. Gilmore's expertise and skill as a surgeon have made it possible for me to experience life's opportunities with a new excitement about being around other people.

My son was married last weekend. His brother escorted me down the isle of the church, and I never felt the need to hide my profile from all our friends as I passed them on either side of me. I was free to enjoy being beside my handsome son and enjoying the moment. When the photographer asked me to stand beside the groom and turn my head to look at him, there was no feeling of embarrassment or hesitation. I proudly looked into his eyes and could fully focus on the beauty of the moment: my son's happiness and the celebration of that incredible night. The thought went through my head, "thank goodness for my new profile!"

The first time I drove to Dr. Gilmore's office, I sat in the car for 10 minutes. It seems like I was embarrassed to even go in. But, once inside, many good things awaited me if I would just look for them. I found new friends ready to assist me in my endeavor, a Doctor who offered awesome possibilities for me, and, in the end, a freedom to enjoy life like never before.


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I Love My Results!!!!

My results are exactly what I had in mind. This is the second time I've come to Dr. Gilmore. He makes you look so much better, but you never look like you've been on a roller-coaster going downhill at 100 mpg. People should look no further than Dr. Gilmore for any plastic surgery you may be interested in. I tell anyone who asks to go have Dr. Jim do it, you will be pleased.

Also, his staff is the most kind and helpful people I've ever come across in a doctor's office. No question is silly or trite to them. When you come into Dr. Gilmore's office for an appointment, there is no waiting and waiting. If need be, I will always go only to Dr. Jim Gilmore for any plastic surgery I desire.

Thanks again!

K. Carter

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