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Cervicofacial Rhytidectomy (Facial J-Lift and Neck Lift)
Dr. Gilmores "Facial J-Lift" (Cheek Lift) and Neck Lift are designed to reshape the face naturally without a "stretched look". This is accomplished by lifting and tightening the skin, the underlying and deep tissues, and muscles of the cheek, jowl/jawline, and neck, which tend to sag with advancing years or genetically. Looseness of the covering of the face is caused by shrinkage of the underlying bone, muscle, and soft tissue.

Incisions, made with a modern approach, the CO2 laser, are concealed in the hairline and in and around the ears (no hair is shaved for surgery). Scar camouflage techniques are maximized in all cases. Exact placement of the incisions and options will be discussed with your surgeon since they vary slightly from patient to patient and from male to female. There is usually moderate discomfort but minimal pain in the post-operative period; patients feel even better after the dressing is removed on the day following surgery.

When the Facial J-Lift is combined with Dr. Gilmores Internal Face-Lift (IFL), the concept of three dimensional (3D) infrastructure rejuvenation is achieved. No surgery can permanently prevent aging, however the individual appears more natural, youthful, and refreshed then had the surgery not been performed. A plus benefit always remains years later (one cannot accurately predict long-term results from this or any surgery).

In cases with an excessive neck or facial skin envelope (loose skin) a more extensive cervicofacial rhytidectomy may be employed with the Internal Face-Lift (IFL). Additionally, some patients benefit from a secondary tuck-up lift at two to four years.

It is now possible to create significant facial changes in less than three hours, resulting in minimal bruising and swelling rendering a quicker recovery. Patients can usually return to work in one to two weeks.

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